The tenth annual Learning and Teaching Conference at the University of Sheffield will be held on January 7th 2016. This year the conference will focus on 'Celebrating Success in Learning and Teaching' and will consist of a variety of presentations and workshops. All of these sessions will focus on one of five areas:
  • Engagement 
  • Interdisciplinary 
  • Global Context
  • Research-led Teaching
  • Learning Environment
Presentations will be given from colleagues across the University. The aim is to showcase innovative learning and teaching practice. The speakers will deliver either a 15-20 minute presentation or a 1 hour interactive workshop.

A message from Professor Wyn Morgan, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Learning and Teaching:

"As places of innovation and creativity, Higher Education institutions are continuously finding new ways to enhance the learning and teaching of our students. The University of Sheffield exemplifies this openness to development, for example by adapting modules and teaching methods to foster greater student engagement, embracing the role of technology in enabling new forms of learning, and promoting the growth of interdisciplinary learning and teaching. Our internationally-recognised research continues to shape teaching in new and exciting ways, while we also bring a range of academic, employability and cultural benefits to students through increased international and practical experience."

Further information on the five sub-themes:

Fostering greater student engagement through innovative teaching methods and involving students in curriculum design.

Adopting and interdisciplinary approach to offer a diverse and holistic learning experience.

Global Contract:
Providing students with practical experience and international awareness to develop skills for a global workplace.

Research Led Teaching:
Incorporating the University's excellent research into our learning and teaching methods

Learning Environment:
Creating an engaging and inclusive environment to enable effective learning.

Celebrate educational experiences and explore developments in teaching. Coincides with the development of the new learning and teaching strategy.


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