Parallel Session 3


15. Using an understanding of feedback processes to improve student learning
15 Powerpoint Presentation

a) Student conceptions of group work: drawing the group
16 a) Powerpoint presentation
b) In search of a greater student in-class experience: let's not forget the whiteboard!
16 b) PDF presentation

a) The Sheffield SEED (Seeking Educational Equality and Diversity) project on inclusive curriculum 2015
17 a) Powerpoint presentation
b) Belonging to the Library: Humanising the space for education
a) Mind the gap: Tailored support for the international student
18 a) Powerpoint presentation
b)Starting your degree in China by Studying in the UK syllabus for 3 years, finishing your degreed halfway round the world in Sheffield. Are you a 'Global Chemist'?
18 b) Powerpoint presentation

a) Collaboration not competition: Taking a joined-up approach to student skills development
19 a) Powerpoint presentation
b) It's all about the (student) brand
19 b) Powerpoint presentation
c) Career diagnostics- proactively meeting students' career planning needs
19 c) Powerpoint presentation

a) Encouraging creativity through curriculum review
20 a) Powerpoint presentation
b) Small is beautiful; the BA Education, Culture and Childhood, and student engagement
20 b) Powerpoint presentation

a) Using Adobe Connect to facilitate student engagement
21 a) Powerpoint presentation
b) New Lecture approaches: Creating student-directed content live and breaking out from the lecture theatre.
12 b) Powerpoint presentation

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