There will be a conference exhibition taking place during the conference. This will take place in Inox Dine, within the Students Union Building. Numerous exhibits will be available throughout the day and will be open for all attendants during lunch and during the breaks which are as follows:

Please find the exhibition booklet for more information:
Available soon.

2016 Exhibits

Exhibit 1
Learning and teaching Strategy 2016-2021 consultation

Exhibit 2
Learning and Teaching Professional Recognition Scheme

Exhibit 3
Outreach and widening participation

Exhibit 4
Engaging learning Sheffield

Exhibit 5
Higher Education Achievement Report

Exhibit 6
Career service report for students and grautates

Exhibit 7
Maths anxiety workshop pilot

Exhibit 8
Celebrating success in our massive open online courses

Exhibit 9
Student concepts of group work: Drawing the group

Exhibit 10
University of Sheffield Placement team

Exhibit 11
Routes of Entry for mature students

Exhibit 12
Enterprise Academy Support

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