Fostering greater student engagement through innovative teaching methods and involving students in curriculum design.

Central to learning and teaching at the University of Sheffield is the acquisition of skills and experience to allow graduates to succeed in the workplace, whether that is local, national or international. In order to develop practical skills alongside discipline-specific knowledge, the University aims to provide an international educational experience, exposing students to global issues and perspectives, as well as the chance for students to apply their skills beyond their studies as part of their learning. the value of cultural agility, being prepared for a global labour market and learning beyond the University are reflected in our existing Learning and Teaching strategy priorities. Internationalisation efforts are present and growing in many aspects of education at Sheffield, providing students with valuable international awareness and cultural agility, and the chance to apply their knowledge and skills in the wider world as part of their learning process.

Abstracts can focus on:

  • Facilitating student engagement through interactive teaching methods
  • Improving performance through greater student engagement in assessment and feedback
  • Building stronger student-teacher collaborative partnerships to encourage greater co-creation of modules and programmes
  • Using technology to enhance interactivity and student engagement in and out of the classroom
  • Supporting students to develop independent working skills

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