Learning Environment

Creating an engaging and inclusive environment to enable effective learning.

The creation of a university-wide environment conductive to and supportive of, student learning is vital and links closely to the development of a significant personal research experience, communities of learning, and effective support and student wellbeing. The provision of personal and academic support, backed up by the new university-wide principles emphasises the key role played by personal tutors in supporting learning. Many staff across the university promote the formation for communities of learning through group projects and peer mentoring schemes, often drawing on technology enhanced techniques to encourage student collaboration. Considering the use of the University space itself has led to a variety of innovative projects designed to enhance learning and demonstrates the University's commitment to enhance learning and teaching.

Abstracts could focus on:

  • Projects that promote the creation of the student learning communities and collaboration.
  • The use of technology to provide academic support, information and guidance to students outside of formal teaching time. 
  • Personal tutoring initiatives to provide a structured academic and personal support.
  • Wider support for academic skills and development, both face to face and online.
  •  Innovative use of space across the University to create environments conductive to learning across all areas. 

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