Parallel Session 1

Parallel Session 1 


1) From epistemologies of humanity to employability; Understanding the meanings and uses of engaged learning

a)Maths diagnostic testing and beyond
2 a ) Powerpoint presentation
b) A flipped classroom module to increase student confidence in molecular bioscience calculations
2b) Powerpoint presentation
c) Strategies for overcoming maths anxiety: A collaboration
2 c) Powerpoint presentation

a)Inovation in medical education SACK, a student-led approach to promote active e-learning
3 a) Powerpoint presentation
b)'Manager know thyself': An interdisciplinary approach to fostering reflective learning in emergency physicians
3 b) Powerpoint presentation

a) Engaging students in research
4 a) Powerpoint presentation
b) Engineering success in research-led teaching
4 b) Powerpoint presentation

a) Beyond interdisiplinarity: The importance of transdisiplinary in learning
5 a) Powerpoint presentation
b) More than the sum of their parts: New experiences of multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary provision.
5 b) Powerpoint presentation

a) Handing over the reins
6 a) Powerpoint presentation
b) Introducing research software engineering, bioinformatics and cloud computing to biology undergraduate students
6 b) Powerpoint presentation

a) Helping our students learn resilience: Tensions in developing stronger, more independent graduates for the work place and the world beyond
7 a) Powerpoint presentation
b) Personalising students? Education with adaptive and inclusive structures: Some theory and practice.
7b powerpoint presentation

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