Research-led Teaching

Incorporating the University's excellent research into our learning and teaching methods.

The University of Sheffield is amongst the top 10% of universities in the UK for research excellence. Allowing this research to shape and inform our learning and teaching, by connecting students with current areas of academic enquiry and interest, is central to our success. International survey data suggests that students are not always aware of the presence or usefulness of research-led teaching, and as such it is important that our world leading research openly informs module content. However, research led teaching goes beyond this. The growth of enquiry-led learning in higher education means students become active participants in the process of research, handling cutting edge ideas and concepts and engaging with live academic issues. Involving students in research through encouraging them to interact with ongoing research questions in their discipline helps to develop a greater understanding of the topics they learn about, and increased critical and analytical skill and confidence.

Abstracts could focus on:

  • The role of cutting edge research in informing teaching sessions and inspiring students.
  • Building enquiry-led learning projects into modules and programmes to develop research skills.
  • Engaging students in collaborative research projects with academic staff outside the curriculum. 

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